Registration: Nissfest Auto X! (Inner Lot) (Sep 24, 2017 07:15 am - 05:00 pm)

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First Name Last Name Date Registered
ChadPocher2017-09-21 18:47:11
ErnestoAlatorre2017-08-23 20:53:53
IgnacioLavados2017-09-20 20:58:43
IrvinTrejo2017-09-22 20:14:39
IvanKhaffaji2017-09-21 15:12:13
JohnnyPinelo2017-09-22 15:57:44
KevinKhaffaji2017-09-21 15:50:32

Admission Tickets and Swag


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Advanced Ticket Sales

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Standard Ticket $15 (comes with 1 Door Prize tickets!) VIP Ticket $35   (comes with T-Shirt & 3 Door Prize tickets!)



*All tickets purchased will have access to the track area to spectate the races, race cars and garages.*
*Kids 11 and under get in for FREE*

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This year's giveaway items For 2017:
Most of our great Nissfest vendors give amazing items and they will be posted next to their name below.

Odyssey battery
Big O Tire
Pedal Commander

Raffle Prizes

Q: How do they work?
A: Every vendor at Nissfest is required to participate in the door prize raffle and will have their own raffle box at their booth. When you arrive at the gate, you will be handed a goody bag and some raffle tickets. Amount of tickets depends on which package you purchase above. You can then shop at the vendor booths to see what they're giving away (or read below) and decide how to disburse your tickets. Really really want to win something from a vendor? Dump 'em all in! You can increase your odds of winning buy purchasing more raffle ticketed at the booth where you picked up your goodie bag. The raffle items will then be given away during two or three different raffle time announcements throughout the day, so be sure to pay attention to the guy on the mic!


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Honoring our Fallen

Nissfest has proudly partnered up with Honoring our Fallen for their annual toy drive. Honoring our Fallen supports the families of services men and womem who have lost their lives serving our country overseas.

Honoring our Fallen

Please bring an unopened toy valued at $5 or greater to help those families in need. Donation will be collected on site at the registration booth. To find out more information about this unique and wonderful organization please visit their site at